Chatbots as First-Level Support

Chatbots are used as first-level support for example in the HR departments to reduce the number of repetitive administrative tasks. Chatbots are based on artificial intelligence that is trained to give the most appropriate answer to the given question. Each successful question-answer pair is a new training example for the Chatbot, each interaction increases the response quality.

Chatbot on Smartphone
Problems in HR Department

Chatbot Usage

In the case of HR, around 80% of HR-related questions asked by employees are standard questions that can already be answered by chatbots. However, many employees are still using the telephone as a preferred communication channel. The reason is often that chatbot answers are not accurate enough due to missing example cases training the chatbot. This case is even more present if a chatbot project is launched.

Fleet Chatbots

Federated learning can be used to train a fleet of chatbots across different user groups to increase the number of answer-question pairs which improves the response quality. This technology allows, in addition, full data privacy and without disclosing individual conversations within the user groups. Sensitive topics, such as HR-related questions, remain private but quality improves with every interaction. New chatbot projects benefit from existing user groups through existing shared learnings.

Chatbot on Smartphone


Data Privacy
More Cases To Learn From
Better Predictions
No Cold-Start Issue

Working with Experts

Chatbot on Smartphone

The company betterHR is an expert in chatbot architectures and dialogs with a profound HR background and a strong understanding of employee and customer communication. They design chatbot dialogues that feature a natural user experience to sustainably engage users in the conversation. Together with betterHR, we offer full expertise in creating an intelligent HR Chatbot based on artificial intelligence under full data privacy.