We believe we can help companies of all sizes to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence.

AI Prototyping

Data is naturally distributed but we ignore most of it and do not take full advantage of it. We help you to identify potential AI use-cases and define all technical requirements to make it production-ready. We can design and build the first AI prototype to show your organization the full potential of AI systems and possible next steps to define your AI strategy.

AI Product Building

Federated learning, fleet learning, and federated analytics enable us to build intelligent AI systems with full data privacy. Based on your your existing machine learning system or strategy, we build a fleet-based system on top of it that allows exchanging knowledge with full data privacy. Our background ensures that the systems are both scalable and state-of-the-art.

AI Ideation Workshop

We support your team and organization to build intuition about AI. This enables both employees and management to make educated decisions about AI initiatives that improve your products or business processes. Our workshop format helps you to identify potential AI projects and to understand the requirements for successful execution. Project proposals usually begin as loose ideas that will then be analyzed and structured throughout the workshop until we end up with a detailed concept that can move forward to implementation.

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From Research to Production

Join us on our journey to bring fleet AI from research to production.