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Blue Ball Thing Nov 27, 01 New photos of Frank Baldwin's BF
New photos taken by his friend Robb Gessert posted. Also new construction pics of N264JP and a note about sale of Tommy Thornhill's BF in Houston, TX.
Blue Ball Thing Nov 12, 01 Bill Brandt Boredom Fighter
Added page for Bill's aircraft and included two new photos of his near flight-ready Boredom Fighter.
Blue Ball Thing Oct 30, 01 Updated Hot Flashes. 
Lots of new news and some updated pictures. Also added some info on the Replica Fighter Association.
Blue Ball Thing May 5, 01 Updated Discussion Board
Boredom FIghter Discussion Group now on Yahoo!
Blue Ball Thing Sep 5, 00 Boredom Fighters to Airventure 2000
A 3400 mile journy cross-country!
Blue Ball Thing Jun 23, 00 Boredom Fighters under Construction
Pics of projects under construction.
Blue Ball Thing May 5, 00 A canopy on a Boredom Fighter
Finally, top secret photos of a canopy for the BF.
Blue Ball Thing Mar 4, 00 Discussion Web
Webmaster finally got around to fixing the discussion web.
Blue Ball Thing Nov 24, 99 New Builders Database
Updated functionality for the builders database.  No more static table but specific information based on your state.
Blue Ball Thing Aug 31, 99 N137ST
New photos provided by Jon Ross of Sal Truncale's BF.
Blue Ball Thing Jul 6, 99 First flight of N264JP.
After 7 years, 7 months, the webmaster's Boredom Fighter finally flys!
Blue Ball Thing Apr 6, 99 Throttle drawing.
Drawing of the throttle assembly not found in the plans.
Blue Ball Thing Feb 28, 99 N264JP
Some updated (about time) pics.
Blue Ball Thing Feb 28, 99 More Cowling Pics.
Additional pics of cowling installation.  Where do you put those #$#@ doors?
Blue Ball Thing Feb 8, 99 N1208G.
Finally, more pics for aircraft N1208G in Southern California.
Blue Ball Thing Jan 28, 99 New pics for N22MF.
A couple of nice pictures for Les Tugaw's aircraft.
Blue Ball Thing Jan 25, 99 Happy New Year! 
A Builder-to-Builder discussion site has been added to allow conversations between builders without the webmaster getting in the way.  Enjoy!
Blue Ball Thing Oct 31, 98 N5167A
It is Halloween you know. Larry Church's "Tricks & Treats" is fitting for the occasion.
Blue Ball Thing Oct 25, 98 How To...Design the Cockpit
Anything is possible with the flexibility of the Boredom Fighter cockpit arrangement.  Well almost anything.  The webmaster hasn't seen a full-blown FSAS, MFD, or HUD installed yet!
Blue Ball Thing Sep 22, 98 N694BL Details
Good group of pics showing details of N694BL.
Blue Ball Thing Sep 4, 98 Members Only Site 
A secured listing of Builder points-of-contact to aid other builders in locating near-by expertise.
Blue Ball Thing Aug 25, 98 N22MF Details
Blue Ball Thing Aug 25, 98 Cool Ideas. 
A page dedicated to good ideas of the builders.  Bring 'em on....
Blue Ball Thing Jul 25, 98 Boredom Fighter Flight Simulator for MS Flight Simulator 98
Terry Majewski has created a flight model for the Boredom Fighter, available through his website.
Blue Ball Thing Jul 19, 98 Baffling Baffles
Blue Ball Thing Apr 22, 98 N264JP  Boredom Fighter Details
Blue Ball Thing Apr 22, 98 Stump the Professor:
You can actually submit a question to the professor.
Blue Ball Thing Apr 2, 98 Revamped Site Entry
Blue Ball Thing Mar 15,  98 Folsom Boredom Fighter
Blue Ball Thing Feb 15,  98 Boredom Fighter Locations