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The sites listed below were used for various supplies, information and services for Boredom Fighter Construction.

wpe8.gif (2240 bytes) ADAPT  Software The computer geeks who put together this website.  contact ADAPT for information.
wpe2.gif (6740 bytes) Continental Engines
Official Guide to Experimental Aircraft  Commercial site containing a nice description of the WolfBoredom Fighter.  Several good pics.

wpe2.gif (4967 bytes)

Terry Majewski's Web Site Another great Boredom Fighter site.  Good pics and a MS Flight Sim 98 model of the Boredom Fighter.
wpe4.gif (4391 bytes) EAA Chapter 1000 Source of very informative technical information.  Probably more than you really want to know...
wpeE.gif (1880 bytes) EAA Chapter 49
wpe81.jpg (1997 bytes) Wicks Aircraft Supply
wpe34.gif (5238 bytes) Aircraft Spruce & Speciality
wpe6.gif (3288 bytes) Experimental Aircraft Association
wpe82.jpg (1887 bytes) Replica Fighter Association
wpe5.gif (4460 bytes) Sensenich Wood Propellers
wpe35.gif (3151 bytes) Sport Aviation Magizine
R-A-M Technologies Great mounting brackets for your aircraft electronic gear.
PARROTHEAD2.GIF (7153 bytes) Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville OK, not really aviation related, but outstanding music to build by (not to mention Jimmy is an accomplished seaplane pilot).