Paint Scheme Dreams...

Here's a collection of paint schemes that have crossed my mind at one time or another. They're not in any particular order, although if I find one I like, I'll create several versions in different colors. I also find I like the Golden Age schemes a bit. Paint schemes tended to be colorful with many different variations. I find that creating an RV scheme that stands out from the pack is difficult. The top two are the latest I've done and my skills with Photoshop seem to be getting a little better.

My typical methodology is to create a side-view in Corel Draw. It's pretty easy and goes quick. It basically gives me enough to determine if I want to develop the concept further. If I do, then using Adobe Photoshop Elements, I'll create a skin for MS Flight Sim 2004 FSX using the Flight Factory Simulations RV-7 model. Taking the process to this step usually entails a couple hours work but it's a great, and overall cheap, tool to render a paint scheme and see what it looks like in any lighting condition or environment. Very Cool.

RCAF, modeled after my Dad's Yale (NA-64). This is one of the leading candidates.

Here's a set of screen shots from MS FSX using the FFS RV-7.

Sunset over the San Juan Islands

More flying over the San Juan's

Somewhere near Arlington with the Cascades in the background.

Here's a shot against the evening sky.

Cruising over Whidbey Island

If you pull a couple G's, you get some interesting effects.

Starting to look at a couple other options; colorful but not too busy


This was a quick mapping into FSX and needs some work. The "bubbles" didn't come out like I wanted but the overall yellow/ red is interesting.

Here's one more but the bubbles have been replaced with other accents.

This is based on a Howard DGA seen at OSH 05. This just doesn't do the Howard's paintjob justice.

I'm starting to get closer with this one. Basically a design from an old Beech.

This is looking interesting. I thought too much red may be a problem.
I found a nice red I like but need to figure out the rest of the colors.

Kind of based on a well-known aviation organization's sweepstakes aircraft.


Blue_swap_stripes.jpg (22800 bytes)
Blue RV-4 scheme with some cross-over

RV-4_1.jpg (47810 bytes)
More Blue and Grey
RV-4_2.jpg (35951 bytes)
And more Blue and Grey
RV-4_3.jpg (62906 bytes)
Blue stripy stuff..
RV-4_4.jpg (47304 bytes)
Just more variations on a theme..
RV-4_5.jpg (36379 bytes)
Had this thing with green and yellow..
Green_Standard1.jpg (25410 bytes)
Van's standard RV-7 with green instead of yellow top

T-37.jpg (39154 bytes)
 USAF T-37

RAAF.jpg (55696 bytes)
Royal Australian 
Air Force CT-4
Standard Yellow/ Orange RCAF

.The Travel Air Mystery Ship Series
Paint_blue_MS.jpg (25793 bytes)
The Blues

Paint_red_MS.jpg (24409 bytes)
Pretty standard Black & Red

Paint_yellow_MS.jpg (24892 bytes)
Yellow and Black

Paint_yellow-green_MS.jpg (23321 bytes)
Yellow & Green

RV-7_Green Swoop.jpg (56094 bytes)
Green with swoopy stuff
Sunset.jpg (25303 bytes)
Arizona Sunset; based on a Chapter patch I once designed.

The Zebra Series
Zebra1.jpg (34823 bytes)
Based on Osa's Ark, a Sikorsky S-38 

Zebra2.jpg (41316 bytes)
Looks more like a tiger than zebra... 

Zebra1 .jpg (121794 bytes) Zebra_shark1a.jpg (44415 bytes)

A little more refinement on the Zebra concept.

Other Images


Yellow-Green.jpg (78966 bytes)

Mystership2.jpg (24873 bytes)