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Past Updates

Boredom Fighter Gallery 13 Dec, 03.....
Updated Pictures
Blue Ball Thing   I've been playing with a new Adobe product called Atmospheres which is bundled with the new Photoshop Album 2.0. You'll need a plug-in which is available from Adobe at this link. I believe this only works on windows at this time. Let me know what you think...This is a pretty cool way to show photos..
19 Oct, 03.....
Updated Pictures
Blue Ball Thing  Dan Stroeing took several new pictures of Ward Boursaw's Boredom Fighter and sent them in. Dan was also able to colorize a couple photos, one of which is pictured at left. Pretty cool, huh?  Dan is looking for a BF and is involved in a full size replica project of a Douglas World Curiser, which can be seen at http://www.seattleworldcruiser.org.  Very interesting project!
Blue Ball Thing  Also added a new picture of Frank Baldwins' BF, taken in formation wtih a replica SE-5.
16 Oct, 03.....
BFs For Sale!
Blue Ball Thing Got an update from the grapevine and it's true. Terry Majewski's Boredom Fighter is now on the market. He's asking $13,900 and further details can be found at http://www.tdmsoftware.com/majewski/bf4sale.html. Terry had built a very nice aircraft so if you're interested in buying a Boredom Fighter, this one may be for you.
wpe1.jpg (11243 bytes) 19 July, 03.....
BFs For Sale!
Blue Ball Thing What the heck happened???? An update?! Yup. Finally had a little more content to add so here it goes...
Blue Ball Thing Jerry Brown of Aurora, NE, has a partially complete BF for sale. From pictures, it's on the gear, most of spars and ribs are done as well as some of the metal work. Contact Jerry at e-mail: pima2@yahoo.com
Blue Ball Thing There was another BF for sale, built by an IA. On gear, controls installed, tank done, and wing ribs complete. Contact gdmoyair@aol.com
Blue Ball Thing Bill Sayre had asked about the radio mounting in 264JP. S0 here's a couple more pictures of the mount...
14 Nov, 02.....
Ellis and Boursaw's BFs added
Blue Ball Thing Several updates today. Added a page for Matt Ellis' Boredom Fighter which appears just about ready to fly. 
Blue Ball Thing Received a couple pictures of Ward Boursaw's BF in Washington. The interesting thing about Ward's BF is that it has a very nice round cowl.
Blue Ball Thing Added both of the above BF's to the Builders page and we're now up to 25 different Boredom Fighter's pictured on the website. 
3 Oct, 02.....
Larry Harrison's S-10 Powered BF
Blue Ball Thing Added recently received photos of Larry Harrison's Boredom Fighter in Southern Georgia and created a page with additional photos of Larry's aircraft. He's getting ready for flight and may have already done so as of this time. His BF is a little different as it has a Chevy S-10 engine for power. 
18 Sept, 02.....
Steve Adams' BF in Fargo...
Blue Ball Thing I added a new photo to the Builders page. Finally located a nice photo of Steve Adams' Boredom Fighter, N317MA, which is stored at the Fargo Air Museum. Photo is used with permission from, and courtesy of Peter at Chicago Aviation Photography. 
P9130001.jpg (145397 bytes) 17 Sept, 02.....
Firewall Forward Detail
Blue Ball Thing I've had some inquires for additional photos of the firewall forward detail so I finally got around to taking some new photos during the last annual condition inspection.  Go there.
12 Sept, 02.....
Bill Brandt Commits Flight in His New BF
Blue Ball Thing Not a whole lot has been going on in the Boredom Fighter world lately although the discussion board seems to be picking up a little. I received a call from Colorado this week and it appears that Bill Brandt's Boredom Fighter finally flew. Rumor has it that it was a short flight but successful. Congratulations Bill!
12 Jan, 02.....
No Real Update
Blue Ball Thing Well, I'm stuck in London on a work assignment at the time, so there won't be any real updates for several weeks.. I guess it doesn't matter that much because it's been raining solid at my home field so the flying is out!  Keep using the "Discussion" button on the left side as there's finally been some content that's creeping into the message board. OK, it's slow to pick up but we're getting there. 
Blue Ball Thing  Tommy Thornhill's BF was sold and it's staying in Houston from what I understand. Details to follow. 
Baldwin_inflight1.jpg (236209 bytes) 27 Nov, 01.....
New Baldwin Photos
Blue Ball Thing Frank Baldwin recently sent a couple new inflight photos of his BF, N70FB. These new photos were taken by his friend Robb Gessert of Troy, MO and are some of the best BF photos I've seen. 
Blue Ball Thing N264JP construction photos are slowly being posted. Over a 7-year period, one acquires a large collection of photos. Since I don't have a digital camera, they all need to be scanned so keep checking back for the latest.
Blue Ball Thing It's reported that Tommy Thornhill of Houston,. TX has his BF up for sale. Details can be found in Trade-a-Plane.
12 Nov, 01.....
Blue Ball Thing  I recently received a couple of pictures of Bill Brandt's Boredom Fighter, just about ready for flight. I also set up a page for his particular aircraft, N5147.  We'll have more news when Bill finally flys his BF.  Click on the above picture to go to the N5147 page.
30 Oct, 01.....
Finally got around to some updates. Here's the short on the changes:

Blue Ball Thing   Added three more b&w pictures of Larry Church's BF N5167A. I thought that this BF may be up for sale per a Trade-A-Plane from this past August.
Blue Ball Thing   Updated a couple of e-mail addresses on the Builders page for Jerry Cornwell and the new owner of N62252, the aircraft built by Doyle Ross in Tucson, AZ. 

Blue Ball Thing   Per conversation with Don Wolf, the prototype BF was donated by Dudley Whitman in Sept 00, to the Kalamazoo Air Museum.

Blue Ball Thing   Also, per Don he has sold the 316th set of plans to a gentleman in Wales, UK. Don says that he has another 16 sets of plans printed and ready. Plans are still $125 US. Don can be reached at his e-mail: dwolf@optonline.net

Blue Ball Thing   Replica Fighter Association:

The RFA is now accepting membership through the website with a printable membership application. If you're a Boredom Fighter Pilot/ Builder/Owner, or just like the aircraft, the RFA has an active Boredom Fighter Squadron and includes two nice publications annually. If you're interested in replica aircraft, this is worthwhile use of $25. 

 RFAcover.jpg (192612 bytes)           

Above left is the cover from the Dec 2000 issue.  Click for larger picture.

Yahoo! Groups 5 May, 01.....
 The faulty discussion page has been moved to Yahoo! I have set up a Boredom Fighter discussion area under yahoo! Groups.  Click on the Discussion button on the left to get there.  Hope this works much better than the old one...  
Hans_over_Alps.jpg (61930 bytes) 10 Oct, 00.....
Over the Alps
Hans Goldinger of Switzerland recently purchased N694BL from Rick Actor of Sioux City, Iowa.  After a long and complicated process getting the BF over to Europe, Hans successfully got the aircraft back flying in a new home.  The BF was hangered at the Fliegermuseum in Altenrhein which is located in the former Dornier aircraft factory.  The picture above, taken by Erich Gandet, shows Hans and the mighty Boredom Fighter at the 9,000 foot level of the Alps.
Pair_of_BFs.jpg (914758 bytes) 5 Sept, 00.....
Boredom Fighters at Oshkosh 2000
Boredom Fighters N264JP and N70FB were seen at Airventure 2000 during the convention in late July.  Jim Piavis flew 64JP 3400 miles round trip from Half Moon Bay, CA and was joined by Oshkosh regular Frank Baldwin.  Click here for more..
N65GS_leftside.jpg (105695 bytes) AUG 8, 00.....
Boredom Fighter N65GS Update
Last February, N65GS was put up for sale.  The Webmaster recently received word that this aircraft has been donated to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh.  Appears that the aircraft will be flown up within the next couple of weeks.  We are awaiting news on the final status. 
Jan 00.....
N22MF Trades Hands
Last November, N22MF traded hands and found a new home in the Valley of the Sun.  Now located outside Phoenix, AZ, the aircraft was sold to Steve Chial. A new Boredom Fighter pilot, Steve declares that he's having a great time flying the little bipe.
BF_JAN00_rightside.jpg (27119 bytes) June 99.....
N264JP Makes Initial Flight
On June 26, 99 N264JP made it's maiden flight from Half Moon Bay CA for an uneventful .5 hours.  For more details, click on the above picture.