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N264JP First Flight

Finally, after 7 years, 7 months of construction from plans, N264JP took to the air over Half Moon Bay, California.  For those unfamiliar with the area, it's 20 miles south of the Golden Gate on the Pacific Coast.  N264JP was constructed by the webmaster, Jim Piavis.

Flight Test Reports

Here's the first pictures from the initial flights.


Takeoff! The first takeoff.  Runway Three-Zero, Half Moon Bay. First flight of N264JP took place on 26 June, 1999 after 7 years and 7 months of construction. 

After some initial fast taxi tests, the last of which was reported by the Fire department to have actually lifted off the ground, I did a final preflight, gathered the ground support crew (local airport bums), reviewed the test cards, and blasted, er...puttered into the air.  I don't know if the mighty "Powerful as the Nation" Continental fits the term "blasted". 

I spent the next .5 hours checking basic maneuverability and engine performance.  After slow flight, I descended to the pattern for a three-point on the numbers and on centerline!

Gary Aldrich, EAA Chapter 1000 Flight Advisor, provided the appropriate guidance for this novice test-pilot on the first flight.

Overall a great first flight with no major squawks or nasty habits!  Check back for the full flight report.

Climbout Climbout on the initial flight.
BF over Pacific Boredom Fighter over the Pacific on flight #3.
BF over Pacific2 Another shot over the ocean; a rare clear day in these parts! (Caution, large download of this pic)
BF landing1 First landing, on centerline, on the numbers.


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