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This is the place for those good ideas that don't especially have a home on the other How-To pages...

If you have a good idea on the Boredom Fighter construction, just drop an email to the webmaster.....

P7110002.JPG (83859 bytes)

P7110003.JPG (81847 bytes)
Radio mount in N264JP. A RAM mount has been used with no external antenna. Works great. This is mounted on the right side of the cockpit. 
Rib Jig Watch out for this one....it's a big download and may take a while.  Sal Truncale submitted this picture of an aluminum rib fixture.  The entire fixture was machined out of a solid block of metal.
BF_WING_FIXTURE2.JPG (43142 bytes)

BF_WING_FIXTURE.JPG (36253 bytes)
Wing fixture as used during the fabric finishing phase.  Two sets of fixtures were constructed to allow unhindered access to all wing sides.  Imagine being able to spray all sides in one operation.  Do one side, roll the wings over, refill the paint cup, and spay the reverse side. All done with only two hands, and not four!  If  this were going to be done again, the bearings for the rollers would be changed from simple wood rollers to rollerblade wheels or some other small wheel. The ease in rolling the wings over would be greatly increased.
Fusalage Rack for Painting The fuselage fixture seen here functions just like the wing fixture.  The front mount uses the engine mount points while the aft mounts through the access panel forward of the tailwheel.
Great Workbench Table Need a workbench?  The plans for this really great workbench table are courtesy of EAA Chapter 1000, Edwards, California.  The webmaster has constructed several of these over the course of the project and they have proved to be the most versatile tool in the shop.  Check out the plans, construction instructions, and bill of materials for the table at: http://www.eaa1000.av.org/technicl/worktabl/worktabl.htm.
Throttle Assembly This drawing was recently declassified from a top secret government program....well, not really.  It's been floating around the Boredom Fighter builders' network for some time. Don had drawn this as the original plans don't contain a drawing for the throttle.  This file is full size so it's going to take a minute to download.
N694BL uses a unique product from R-A-M technologies called the Ram Mount.  R-A-M Technologies produces a large array of electronic mounts to include those specially made for aircraft.  In this example, the GPS is mounted on the right cockpit side.  N264JP also uses a Ram Mount for the Icom handheld radio. Visit the R-A-M website at http://www.ram-mount.com.