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The cockpit of the Boredom Fighter is not explained very well in the plans, therefore, several examples are presented in order to give some idea of what can be done with the business end of the aircraft.

This page is intended to give some idea of the various cockpits that have been used on the Wolf Boredom Fighter. The cockpit gives the builder a great opportunity to be creative with the woodwork and make the aircraft an extension of the builder.   Instruments recommended in the plans are VFR minimum. Note that some of the photos below use the mahogany ply while others use  birch plywood.  Remember, the plans are a guide and the Boredom Fighter gives the builder a lot of leeway in woodworking   craftsmanship.

N264JP_leftcockpit.gif N264JP Left side of cockpit.   Of note is the tailwheel lock is opposite of plans.  When throttle goes to full open, the tailwheel lock arm is noticed in the unlocked position (it gets in the way), preventing full power with the tailwheel unlocked.
N264JP_rightcockpit.JPG Right side of N264JP.  All placards were printed on metal placards (work done by American Dataplates in Lancaster,CA). Note all instruments are cream colored with a "BF" logo below center.
N264JP_COCKPIT.JPG N264JP head-on picture of instruments.  The oil temp/ oil pressure is on the far right and is a two-in-one gauge.  This arrangement saves the space required for the smaller seperate oil temperature and pressure gaugages.  VSI is not included as the builder didn't really need the info.  Look outside the cockpit!
N694BL left side.gif Right side of N694BL.  Note the GPS panel-mounted on the right side.
N694BL right side Left side of N694BL cockpit.   The cockpit sub-panel extends to the left side and down several inches. It provides a nice panel for the throttle push rod anchor nut.
N22MF Cockpit Panel of N22MF.  Of interest here is the round RAF-style stick grip.  A grip of this type was used at one time in N81T.  While in flight, with a previous owner, the grip broke off from the stick, providing a couple moments of undivided interest to the pilot.
N38TM Cockpit N38TM front office.  Very nice front shot of the entire instrumentation. The builder has provided a very clean and useful installation.
MS Flight Simulator Cockpit Here is N38TM as rendered in a Flight Simulator version of the Boredom Fighter.
This is from N137ST, built by Sal Truncale.  There's a couple of items to note.  One is the RAM mount on the right side.  The other is the full length runners on the floor.  Goes a long way in protecting that wood from big feet!  Also note the lack of a sub-panel, however the mag switch is located on a small quarter panel on the lower right side.
Don't see too many b&w pictures these days but here's a picture of N5167A, currently owned by Larry Church in New Mexico. This is the orange/white Boredom FIghter labeled as "The Great Pumpkin".