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Building the Cowl


In this lesson we attempt to build the cowl mold.   Instead of pulling a mold off the engine, the process here is to pull the cowl itself, off the male mold.  As this work was done in late summer in Southern California, needless to say it was HOT!!!

Step 1:  Hang the engine.  Can't do the cowl mold if the engine isn't there, however, some folks have done it that way. cowl install1.jpg (48774 bytes)
Step 2:  Bag it.   Plastic and cardboard was used to wrap and shield the engine from foam.  Hope this worked! cowl install2.jpg (45457 bytes)
Step 3:  Build the box. Need some sort of box to contain the foam.  Should have used formers around the engine to guide the foam cutting. cowl install3.jpg (34863 bytes)
Step 4 Pour the foam.   2-part, expandable foam was used to fill the box.  Very sticky.  Stuff gets everywhere! cowl install4.jpg (48114 bytes)
Step 5When foam has cured, strip away box, mark the engine, and start cutting.  The use of a 22" wood saw was finally used to cut away large sheets of foam. cowl install8.jpg (77625 bytes)
Step 6:  Mark- Sand -Mark -Sand.  That's kind of the way it goes. cowl install5.jpg (39729 bytes)
Step 7Cut away too much. Put foam back on.  Mark - Sand - Mark - Sand. cowl install6.jpg (78400 bytes)
Step 8: Finally starting to look like the cowl.  Well, one side anyway. cowl install7.jpg (76684 bytes)
Step 9: Where's that prop.  Funny looking color, too.  "UV Bondo" was used to fill the foam but that didn't cure well, so the old fashioned "Bondo" was used.  This was followed by a very light weight filler. Fill - Sand -Fill - Sand... Cowl Mold.JPG (34327 bytes)
Step 10:  Getting close.  After lots of sanding and sanding and filling and sanding and filling and....  The cowl was split, and glass doubler bonded to split line.   Large cylinder cutout will be covered by metal panel. N264JP_l_engineside.jpg (94035 bytes)
Step 11:  Note oil access door panel.  After much thought about putting this somewhere else, it went where the plans said it should. Door is yet to be installed but cut-out is done. N264JP_l_cowlbaffles.jpg (92789 bytes)
Step 12:   Still working the cowl but it all fits together.  All that's needed is more sanding and some filler. N264JP_l_closedcowl.jpg (90200 bytes)
Step 13:  Note the Inspection door on the top cowl half.  This is not in the plans but the Webmaster added it because of a lack of view into the rear of the engine without taking off the top cowl. N264JP_r_cowlclosed.jpg (74979 bytes)