N709FB was built by Frank Baldwin of Troy, MO and has almost 300 hours to date. 

se-5 _ boredom.jpg (156229 bytes)

"Shades of WW I, the "Dawn Patrol" near Sparta, Illinois 9-28-03. Foreground N70FB flown by Frank Baldwin, built by Dale and Frank Baldwin of Troy Airpark, Troy, Missouri. Rear is a full scale SE5, N640AB owned and flown by Vernon Dury based at Sparta and built by Al Braun of Swansea, IL. Photo by Robb Gessert of Troy, MO.

Baldwin_inflight1.jpg (236209 bytes) New Pictures by Robb Gessert of Troy, MO.
Baldwin_inflight2.jpg (232056 bytes) Picture 2 in the series.
Baldwin_inflight3.jpg (238984 bytes) Picture 3 in the series.
Baldwin_inflight4.jpg (232121 bytes) Picture 4 in the series.
Baldwin_inflight5.jpg (241332 bytes) Picture 5 in the series.
FB_takeoff.gif (21065 bytes) Takeoff somewhere in the Mid-West. 
FB_Chicago.jpg (80930 bytes) "Well, it kinda looks like Chicago.   Then again, maybe it's San Jose."
FB_Oshkosh1.jpg (66317 bytes) Finally, Oshkosh in sight! "Hope I didn't forget the quarters for the parking meter"!
FB_with_friend.gif (70791 bytes) Frank and fellow heavy metal driver admire a real aeroplane!