Projects Under Construction

After a couple of years running this site, the powers that be thought that there ought to be an "Under Construction" page to pay homage to those still toiling away in the basement, garage, or shack.  

Brandt_fusalage_front_right.jpg (97195 bytes)

Brandt_wing1.jpg (71704 bytes)

Bill Brandt: Colorado

Bill may have the world record for building duration on a Boredom Fighter.  He's been at it for approx 10 years but as you can see, he's getting close.  Other builders report that Bill's BF has most excellent workmanship.

Matt_aircraft_rt.jpg (113254 bytes)

Matt_cowlplug_top.jpg (52037 bytes)

Matt Ellis: Colorado

Matt has been building quite a while and has devised this canopy for his BF.  It gets a little cold in the winter around Mat's area so the canopy was essential.  Hope this works!  The bottom picture is the male cowl plug.  It certainly looks like he's going to have a great looking cowl.