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If you're interested in how to build this aeroplane, then you're at the right page.  Below is an example of the typical construction plans.   Most sheets are easy to read and understand with minimal interpretation.   Format is 11" x 17" with full size wing rib drawings. In addition to the full size wing rib drawings, plot points are provided to allow generation of the NACA 4412 airfoil on your own plotter.

At right is a drawing representing the wing assembly details.  You will notice pencil markings and notes from actual construction. 

NOTE:  This is a sample and not intended for actual assembly use.

The drawing representation itself is a compiliation of several scanned images so some of the butt lines may not match exactly.

Plans_dwg29.gif (623334 bytes)

At right is a representation of a typical steel fitting, in this case, the lower, forward landing gear mount.  Most fittings are constructed from 4130 Chrome-moly flat sheet with minimal welding.

Plans_dwg4a.gif (225974 bytes)

Now for the important information....

Plans are still available for builders and the current price is $125.00 USD.  Since the passing of the designer, Don Wolf, his son Don has has assumed the plans business.   To receive a set, contact Don at:

Don Wolf
53 Cedar Drive
Huntington, NY 11743

As of Nov 01 (of some year),  Don had sent out the 316th copy of the plans set.