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Hans Goldinger of Switzerland is the most recent owner of 694BL. Rick Acter of Suiox City, IA was the recent owner of this Boredom Fighter.  N694BL was originally built by Al Swanson in 1994, and suffered a landing accident.  Rick purchased the aircraft and made the obligatory repairs and now currently flys the aircraft through-out the mid-west.

Hans at the 9,000 foot level over the Alps
Left Rear Left rear quarter Straight on from the Tail Straight on from the tail
Landing Gear Landing gear with bungee covers Left Cockpit Left Cockpit
Front Left Note non-standard cowling for the Boredom Fighter (still looks good though) Right Cockpit Right Cockpit
Another Front Left Left Front Headrest and Baggage Door Headrest and Baggage Compartment
The Required Machine Gun The required machine gun Engine, No Cowl Cowling removed.   Note straight pipes.