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N5167A is currently owned by Larry Church of New Mexico.  He has about 70 hours on the aircraft and has most of the bugs worked out now.  He did install a streerable tailwheel for ground handling purposes.   Larry confesses that his former partner/ builder did the work..."kind of like flying a snowplow."  Of course we believe him.

Cruise is about 80 MPHIAS and stalls below 40.  With the AS needle below the "40" mark, actual stall is pretty low.    The power-off stall is just a "big mush" but the the vertical speed in the downward direction is high.

N5167A Front View Front shot of N5167A.   Of note are the short stacks exiting the sides of the "cheeks".
The Great Pumpkin "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"
Church BF_1.jpg (24065 bytes) Tucked away in the hanger somewhere in New Mexico.
Church BF_2.jpg (23328 bytes) 5167A with a little friend, a biplane model of the Flybaby.
Church BF_3.jpg (28841 bytes) The front office....