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N5147 is owned and built by Bill Brandt of Parker, CO. Bill has been working on his Boredom Fighter for approximately 15 years now and is really gettign close to flying. As of 12 November, 2001, he has not flown the aircraft. He's trying to finish up some of the small items like the wing root fairings. There should be a little more info when Bill finally get to fly 5147.

N5147_closeup.jpg (87699 bytes) Here are several pictures of Bill's aircraft taken shortly after his first flight in Sept. 02. 
n5147_left.jpg (54280 bytes)
N5147_left_rear.jpg (71386 bytes)
N5147_flyby.jpg (46552 bytes)
N5147 photo taken during cover.
Wings ready for color.  
N5147_Left _front.jpg (199426 bytes) Front left. Finally ready after almost 15 years.
N5147_Left _rear.jpg (201751 bytes) Rear left. Certainly a colorful paint scheme. Bill is an artist by trade and actually made the "Wolf Pack" insignia on the tail.