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N264JP - The Wings

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Tail Feathers


ribs1.jpg (147550 bytes) The start of the wings. Here's the rib fixture completed and ready to go. A dowel was inserted at each end of the fixture and a flat ply clamp pad was clamped over the fixture while a rib was curing. The dowels kept the clamp pad from moving.
ribs2.jpg (142325 bytes) Lot's of rib noses ready for the band saw. After cutting out the noses, a 1" diameter hole was cut in each nose.
ribs3.jpg (140416 bytes) Basically a rib kit, ready for final assembly of the 38 ribs. 
wing_lr_assy2.jpg (213139 bytes) First wing in the fixture. The table used as a fixture did not have a top on it. Instead, the table crossmembers have vertical attach blocks which permit the wing to be assembled off the table and allowed to be leveled.
wing_lr_assy3.jpg (202704 bytes) Here's the lower right wing having a wing-tip bow attached. 
wing_ur_assy1.jpg (190775 bytes) Upper right wing just about finished with wood work.
wings_fittings.jpg (207592 bytes) The collection of metal fittings prior to painting. Lot's of fittings here.
N264JP_wing1.jpg (64501 bytes) Inboard root area of left lower wing. I beefed-up the wing walk area and then covered with 2 layers of 1/8 laminated ply. 
N264JP_wing2.jpg (53499 bytes) This is the aileron area of the left wing (bottom side). Of notice are the brass AN turn-buckles which I used instead of the plans version. 
N264JP_wing3.jpg (69934 bytes) Another shot of the lower left wing, this time showing the aileron bell-crank arrangement. 
N264JP_wing4.jpg (71085 bytes) Same wing, view from the rear.