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N264JP - Firewall Forward

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Tail Feathers


JP_firewall.jpg (21925 bytes) The start of firewall forward; the stainless firewall. 
N264JP_l_cowlbaffles.jpg (92789 bytes) More fitting of the cowl with baffels.
N264JP_l_engineside.jpg (94035 bytes) Side view of the installation so far. 
N264JP_prophubcloseup.jpg (91707 bytes) The prop is on again. 
P9130001.jpg (145397 bytes) Left rear of engine. Note that at this time there are about 160 hours of operating time on the aircraft and some wear is starting to show. Mag harness wires as well as the throttle cable, carb heat cable, gascalator, and fuel lines are visible.
P9130002.jpg (121618 bytes) Front left showing the extension for the forward left jug.
P9130003.jpg (115653 bytes) Front air dam showing the carb air intake filter and the carb heat intake.
P9130004.jpg (131134 bytes) Rear right view. Note that the neck on the oil kidney is the short version. On the COntinental C-65, there were a couple versions of this tank depending on the aircraft. The right side mag harness and mag leads can be seen as well as oil breather tube.
P9130005.jpg (124863 bytes) Firewall showing the different locations for holes.
P9160012.jpg (91304 bytes) Lower cowl right side. Note location of oil door. I had problems with this early on as I had the long neck version of the tank. The alum. plate around the valve covers was added in an attempt to raise oil temps (which worked). 
P9160013.jpg (84427 bytes) The oil access door. Just a fiberglass door with alum. hinge.
P9160014.jpg (94357 bytes) Lower cowl, left side. Nothing special here. 
P9160015.jpg (70882 bytes) Top cowl. Looking back, I would have probably painted the interior white. Otherwise, the only change is the addition of the access door (lower left in photo). This is to allow better visual inspection of the top of the engine without taking off the cowl.