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N264JP - The Beginning

Caution, some of these pages contain large amounts of pictures and may take a while to download, especially at 28.8.

Terry Majewski's BF at Oshkosh. I saw his BF the summer after I started mine, and confirmed that I was starting on the right path.
Tail Feathers

Well, this is the start of a somewhat organized journal of the building of N264JP. I've divided this into sections as some of you are interested in a particular area. This construction takes place from November 91, through to June 98. Yea, it was a long time to build what was thought to be a simple aircraft. Little did I know.......

The building began after I had undergone a Permanent Change of Station (PCS to the military types) from Williams AFB, AZ to Edwards AFB, CA. I had previously started an Acro Sport II while at Offutt AFB in the late 80's, but on the salary of a 1LT, I had to rethink my choice. That Acro Sport had lots of bearings and they were not cheap!

I had seen pictures of the Boredom Fighter in Sport Aviation and always thought it was a great looking airplane. I looked up Fred Machado down in Culver City, CA and arranged to meet him and George Sweeny out at Camarillo airport one day. When I arrived, George was not in that great of mood as he had just ground looped his BF on takeoff, caused by the slight oversight of not engaging the tailwheel lock (Big lesson #1).  After looking at Fred's BF, I made the decision to start the project.  

As they say, "the rest is history".

The construction of the aircraft was accomplished in a number of locations. It started in a 2-car garage (location #1) in California City, CA, where I was living when I first arrived at Edwards AFB. It was then moved six-months later to Mojave Airport (location #2) when I moved on-base at Edwards (the BOQ rooms were somewhat small, although I was able to build the ribs there). In Dec 92 I left the USAF and went to work for Northrop Grumman (then just Northrop) in Pico Rivera, CA on the B-2 bomber program. I was living in an apartment in Chino Hills and progressed for 6 months in a single car garage (location #3). A couple friends were getting a house in Rolling Hills Estates (south of LA in the South Bay area) and wanted to know if I wanted to share space. I asked if it had a garage and since it did, this became the next workshop (location #4) in Dec 93. In Dec 95 work had me again relocating to the high desert and I found a temporary shop (location #5) at Rosamond Skypark (L00). This worked for a couple months until I found a place in the old FBO hanger at Rosamond (location #6). November 96 had me moving again back down to the LA area with Northrop. I packed up the shop again (by now I'm getting pretty good at this moving stuff) and found a hangar at Chino Airport (location #7). Chino was a great location but it didn't last long.... In May 98 the aircraft was again packed and moved to it's present home of Half Moon Bay (location #8), just south of San Francisco. I had really gotten fairly good at moving. Most stuff was kept in large plastic containers that were easily moved. The aircraft fit in the back of my 89 Toyota pickup and the tools were not too bad. Moving also had the added benefit of throwing out all the junk you acquire over the course of building an aircraft!

To add to the relocations, I also met my future wife, Carolina, got married, moved to the Bay Area, new job, and bought a house.  Got to balance all those things in life that matter!

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