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N1208G was originally constructed by Tom Petry and is owned by Max Gschwind of Glendora, CA.  The aircraft is located within southern California in the eastern LA area.  The aircraft was changed slightly from the plans to include the round cowl (it still has the A-65 Continental), a push-pull bowden cable for individual trim tabs on the elevators, and a tow hook release on the tail, cleverly disguised as an arresting hook.

N1208G was painted to represent a Boeing F4B of 1930's vintage.   The paint scheme is authentic and represents an aircraft that would have been aboard the USS Lexington. 

N1208G_left_front1. Front shot in the hangar deck.
N2108G_left side This view REALLY shows that cowl....
N1208G_left_front2 A closer view of the first shot.   Owner reports that the cruise speed is a little on the slow side.  Can't figure that one out....Also note the exhaust stacks exiting out the side gap between the cowl and the fuselage.  Owner reports that they really pop and snarl...
N1208G_right_distant Not a real great shot, but an interesting view.
N1208G_leftrear Somewhere in southern CA.