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A Canopy on a Boredom Fighter?!!

Matt Ellis of Colorado determined that it was just too darned cold to be flying around with his nose hanging out into the slip stream.  The result; a really cool , er warm, idea for the Boredom Fighter.  Matt has not yet finished the canopy, but he was kind enough to provide some pictures of the work in progress.  

Here's Matt's Boredom Fighter somewhere in Colorado.  He describes the canopy of "RV-4" - like.
Top looking forward.  It looks pretty big here, but remember it's only 24" across. Matt_canopy_aft.jpg (69494 bytes)
Close up view of the right side.  Kind of slick, huh! Matt_canopy_rt.JPG (83005 bytes)
The drawings to the right are fairly large so they may take some time to download.  Matt drew up some working diagrams and if you're interested in seeing what he came up with, take a look... Windshield Frame and Latch Assembly

Rear Attach Point

Left Side, Rear View

Left Side, Outside